Laboratory of Microbial Electrochemical Systems (L-MES) is located in Wrocław – Poland. We work within the Department of Polymer and Carbon Materials at the Faculty of Chemistry in Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Our group is led by Dr. inż. Grzegorz Pasternak and is supported by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange and the National Science Centre.

L-MES is specialised in bioelectrochemical systems with the focus on Microbial Fuel Cell technology, where the electroactive bacteria generate electricity from waste. Currently we are working on bioelectrochemically-supported synthesis of valuable biocompounds as well as degradation of recalcitrant compounds and turning them into electricity !

We are always looking for talented people who would like to join the team. If you are looking for the opportunities for an internship, your first postdoctoral experience, master or a bachelor project – contact us:

Currently, Greg is a Guest Editor of Special Issue on MFC-based Biosensors.

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