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Research Agreement with OIST, Japan

New year came across with lots of microbial power. In January we have just started a collaborative agreement with Okinawa Institute of Research and Technology in Japan and its group of Biology Systems (Prof. Igor Goryanin).

Together with OIST’s Dr. Łukasz Szydłowski, we will develop his 96-MFC array and search for new electroactive communities and deal with distillery wastewater.

Visitng scholar – Lhadi Otmani

Since today we are hosting Mr. Lhadi Otmani – a researcher from University Ferhat Abbas in Algeria.

Lhadi came across to work with us on Microbial Fuel Cell technology. His goal is to enhance his research scope with sustainable and distributed electricity sources for which the MFCs are the right choice.

Welcome to Poland!

Visiting Scholar – dr Łukasz Szydłowski

Last Friday, we were hosting Dr. Łukasz Szydłowski, who gave a talk about his research in Okinawa Institute of Research and Technology (Japan). In this short stay we were also able to introduce Łukasz to some best Landmarks in Wrocław.

It was an interesting talk and great conversations. We’re looking forward for the future collaboration!