Visitng scholar – Lhadi Otmani

Since today we are hosting Mr. Lhadi Otmani – a researcher from University Ferhat Abbas in Algeria.

Lhadi came across to work with us on Microbial Fuel Cell technology. His goal is to enhance his research scope with sustainable and distributed electricity sources for which the MFCs are the right choice.

Welcome to Poland!

Scientific Reports – paper on Hep B removal in MFCs

Our new paper with Bristol BioEnergy Centre has just been released in Scientific Reports. We were investigating the suscpectibility of important infectious disease carrier – Hepatitis B to removal in microbial fuel cell system. It appeared, that both surface and core proteins of the viral structure can be destroyed in bioelectrochemical systems!

Nature's Scientific Reports Logo Full text of the paper available here

MEEP 2019 talk

Greg has just gave a talk in Switzerland at Microbial, Enzymatic & Bio-Photovoltaic Electrochemical Reactors Symposium. He talked about electrochemical way to control the formation of electroactive biofilm, its microarchitecture and properties.

You can find the related article here or download it from our website.

The MEEP 2019 in Lucerne was full of great talks and posters and offered ideal conditions for networking. We have discussed various aspects of bioelectrochemical systems such as bioelectrochemical synthesis, materials science, electromicrobiology and pilot scale studies.

*photo courtesy Asimina Tremouli

Visiting Scholar – dr Łukasz Szydłowski

Last Friday, we were hosting Dr. Łukasz Szydłowski, who gave a talk about his research in Okinawa Institute of Research and Technology (Japan). In this short stay we were also able to introduce Łukasz to some best Landmarks in Wrocław.

It was an interesting talk and great conversations. We’re looking forward for the future collaboration!

Sampling of sludge

We have just collected the sludge samples from the waste water treatment plant in Ścinawka Dolna. Natalia was very busy last days by turning this sludge into electric power.

Many thanks to the director of the plant, Mr. Marcin Balcerzak for his open approach and help!